EP11: Chris Leonard with Kaizen Institute

Today’s topic for the podcast created a lot of intrigue when I asked my social accounts if they wanted to know more, so here we are!! Chris Leonard from Kaizen Institute Canada, is going to answer all our questions!

We talk a lot about ‘lean’, or ‘just in time’, processes in Cabinet Manufacturing. What I was most curious about was how Kaizen has a people first focus! We’re going to learn the similarities and differences in this episode! This isn’t just for manufacturing, they work with all industries. If you have people, the system can be adapted!

If you want to produce more, without increasing space…listen up!

You can find more about Kaizen on their website www.ca.kaizen.com or email him direct at cleonard@kaizen.com.

Make sure you share this podcast and episode on your socials! In these crazy times, all businesses could use help being more efficient, and this just might be the information that helps them! Also… not sponsored, I just see value in the information!


Email: cleonard@kaizen.com

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