EP12: Luke Elias with Muskoka Cabinet Company & SMART MRP

Today’s guest is Luke Elias is the owner of Muskoka Cabinet Company in Alfred Ontario and Co-owner of SMART MRP which is a shop management tool.

As you will hear, I met him through SMART MRP, and while I didn’t spend a lot of time directly with Luke, you don’t need to, to see what a brilliant mind he has in business, processes and technology. I’ve always been interested in his forward thinking and ability to keep moving forward.

This episode is all about automation and processes! Luke shares his insights for shops for their road to automation, and I think you’ll be surprised his response has nothing to do with purchasing equipment!

And another guest saying the same thing: if you want buy-in, it has to come from the top, management! I think we might be onto something!?!

Enjoy today’s episode with Luke! And make sure you head over to www.SMARTMRP.com to catch some footage of the automation in his shop!!!

Click the link to check out the videos:

RFID Tagging & Tracking

Automated Material Handling

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