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.. where we talk about all things Cabinet Manufacturing and Skilled Trades! A place where we interview people, from across Canada, in all areas of trades and explore their industries. Let’s learn from each other and see how we can encourage more people to pursue a career in trades, explore what it’s like being a woman in the trades, and so much more! 




Hey there! I’m Michele Hoy!

Just a self employed East Coast girl, working in the trades for over 21 years! Yikes! If you were looking for high quality production, you won’t find it here! What you will find is interviews with all the people I’ve come across in my many years in Cabinet Manufacturing, plus people I’m just interested in from other trades! 

I’m not sure who said it, but ‘If you want something done, you’ve got to do it yourself!” So here we are! I got tired of waiting for the content, so I decided to create it!

 My goal? Let’s learn from each other, let’s share why a career in the trades is something everyone should consider, and let’s have some fun along the way!

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